Perplexing situation

An interesting conversation with one of my patients this morning:  she has been getting chiropractic adjustments for complaints that resulted from an automobile accident a couple of months ago and she was recently contacted by her insurance representative who told her she wasn’t coming to see me often enough and that she had a lot more money assigned to her case that she needed to use up. 

Now, this is the second insurance representative that has indicated to me that we weren’t utilizing or charging enough.  With the cost of health care as it is, wouldn’t one assume that the insurance companies would be delighted to be working with someone who is trying very hard to keep costs down?!  I am perplexed by this.  My intention has always been to get maximum improvement as quickly as possible with the least amount of expense, no matter who is paying the bill.  In the end, it costs us all if the prices or frequency are inflated and that serves no one in the long run. 


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