More opportunies for finding the humor in life.

I just spent the weekend with friends in Wichita, to celebrate my good friends birthdays.  What a gift good friends are.  While there, I got a call from my daughter who is living with my 87 year old father, who has early dementia, perhaps Alzheimer’s.  Things lately had seemed to be going pretty well, when the call came in.  Dad had taken everything out of her and her husband’s closet and delivered the contents to the Salvation Army.  He didn’t recognize anything in the closet as his or my deceased mother’s, so he thought he would just clean it out.  They were left with the clothes they were wearing, their underwear and PJ’s.  My, oh my!  What a flurry of emotions and activity that prompted. 

After talking with my Dad, it was clear he felt very bad about his mistake.  He hopped in the car, drove to the place he thought he dropped them off, (not really sure) and grabbed a bag of shoes and brought them back.  The kids haven’t had a chance to look through them to see if they are theirs, but we are all looking for a way to find some humor in this.  It is easier when you are removed from it, as with all the stories I have heard from my friends whose parents experienced dementia.  Today, they get to arrive at both places for donation drop off and go through everything that was delivered on the community donation drive day, to see if any of their clothes can be recovered.  As I said, My, oh my!!

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