Life Changes

We are gearing up to move my 88-year-old father from his home of 40 years to a very small independent living apartment, across the state from his home. He will be closer to family, which is good and I am struggling with trying to make the move as efficiently as possible and still respect that we are deconstructing his life, to a large extent.

I am impressed that he is willing to do this and is, so far, willing to help as much as he can. His Alzheimer’s gets in the way, but he is trying very hard to stay focused and get things done. I will be relieved when it is done, and hope like crazy that he can do this without losing a big part of himself and that my heart will hurt less when he is settled in his new digs.

Life Gets Complicated

Since my last post, things have gotten a bit more complicated, then less complicated, and again, more so.  My family moved my mother into a nursing home, where she is doing much better, and of course, there was a flurry of activity surrounding that move.  I was trying to stay present with the process and remain aware of my feelings and those of my family who were there.  I must say, the emotions were all over the spectrum. 

I have not always been a fan of nursing homes, but after finding a place that was close to home, cheery and clean, I felt much better about the move.  The common opinion that they are only places to go at the end of your life is not entirely true.  Some of Mom’s fellow residents are quite young, with disabilities that can not be accommodated in other situations and the residents seem to be quite comfortable and engaged in the day’s activities and interested in what goes on outside the facility. 

We are relieved and impressed with the level of care and caring shown from the staff.  Yet another eye opener and opportunity for stretching my reality and my expectations.