Here is something interesting.

According to the Health Alert newsletter, and biochemistry textbooks, the symptoms for neuropsychiatric disorders are the same as those listed for Vitamin B deficiencies!  Who knew?! 

Also, another fact about Vitamin B:  most B vitamins sold in US are derived from coal tar…really, from India or China.  One place in US makes it;  Reilly Tar and Chemical, in Indiana, I think.  The vitamins are left after tar and creosote are extracted.  Makes you want to look for more whole food sources of nutrients, doesn’t it?

Stress and health

During the holidays I am reminded of the effects of stress on people’s bodies.  I see more upper back, neck and shoulder pain patients and more folks complaining about digetive disorders.  It is well known that prolonged stress can and does inhibit repair and recovery processes in the body and stress can come in physical, mental and emotional forms, but can also arrive in food that is non-nutritive and just plain bad for you.  I am one of those that can tell by the way my neck feels that I have had either had too much sugar, too much caffeine or both.

As we move into the December activities, I am going to renew my pledge to keep the sweets low, since it uses large quantities of vitamin B to process, it leaves the nervous system at a distinct disadvantage.  The B vitamins help to nourish and calm the nervous system and who doesn’t need that?!