New Year – New Beginnings

In honor of the New Year, instead of making resolutions I don’t usually follow through on, I have committed to laughing more.  Given the difficulties that my fellow humans have survived this last year, I think that more joviality might make the hard times easier to manage.  So, I will make every effort, when appropriate, to laugh more, share more of a positive perspective to my friends and patients and to appreciate others’ humor.

I am also going to start a liver cleanse next week.  I have done it many times before and find it to be a good way to get everything moving in my body.  Three weeks of clean food, lots of nutritional supplements which help to clean out the liver and digestive tract give me a great boost of energy and as a side effect, it helps decrease the incidence of migraine headaches. 

Happy and Prosperous  New Year to all!

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