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During a recent trip to southwest Kansas, from my hometown of Lawrence, KS, I was feeling a little stressed about everything I needed to get done.  There was a single event that totally took me out of my place of stress and reminded me of the  wonder of nature.  I was approaching the very last leg of my trip when the sun was setting  and I was awestruck by the colors I saw.  The deepest orange I could imagine, nestled underneath an incredible spectrum of purple hues, topped with the palest of blue. 

I called my parents in Deerfield, and suggested they stop what they were doing that very moment and go outside to see it.  Which they did.  We were able to share something spectacular without having to do any of the work to make it happen.  Wow, just wow!



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  1. And aren’t we lucky we live where we have such beautiful skies?

    Loved this post!


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