Spring Fever

Since we have had an unusually mild winter here in Lawrence, KS, and spring has already begun to show a bit of the seasonal glory, it causes me to reevaluate my daily routines.  Maybe to shake out what doldrums might be hanging around , while I shake out the rugs and clean the windows, so I can see and feel more of what life has to offer.  One of the areas I want to restructure is my physical exercise routines.  I have benefitted by the racquetball and weight training that are my usual activities, but with warmer weather, I feel the need to add more outdoor exercises.  It helps to keep boredom at bay when we add something new, replace those activities that seem old, with another that might also stimulate our mental activity.

I know that reading the newspaper or watching the news while on the treadmill is a common approach to cardio exercise, but I find that walking outdoors in a good pair of shoes, especially going up and down hills, not only gives me a good cardio workout, but allows me time to watch the evolution of the spring happenings around my neighbohood.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the visual stimulation that I want to continue the walk far beyond my regular exercise time.  Unless I am in a time crunch, it is a treat for me to be lost in the process while I add more good movement and fresh air. 

What a great time of year…isn’t Mother Nature something!?

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