Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli

Okay, so not just broccoli, but word has it that broccoli in particular is extremely good to prevent and sometimes eliminate malignant cells in the prostate and even shrinks cells involved in benign prostatic hypertrophy.  The other cruciferous veggies, like brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower are also associated with decreased risk of colon cancers.

The vegetable should be eaten raw or lightly steamed, as the longer you cook it, the less effective it is, because the active enzymes are deactivated with prolonged heat.  Studies also show that isolated ingredients from these foods are not near as effective by themselves, so whole food is absolutely the best.  Or include some whole food supplements into your diet.

It is so true, that food should be our first line of medicine.  If only we could remember that.

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