I just visited with a patient that had been going through a very rough time, job loss, on the verge of losing her home, recent auto accident with some resulting physical problems.  She is in a much better place now, working at a job she loves, housing issues resolved and playing golf 4 days a week.  What an inspiration she is, in that she could have given up, but didn’t.  She credits me with keeping her on track, but what I reminded her was that all she needed was to realize that her good might come in ways she hadn’t yet imagined, and to open up to other possibilities.  That assigning a value of good or bad to a situation is a waste of time, since something that first appears to be bad, might in reality be better described as difficult.  And as we all know, difficult can lead us to revelations about ourselves, our hidden or undeveloped strengths and some needed wisdom and knowledge that will serve us in important ways in the future. 

Of course, it is much easier to see that in other people’s situation than in my own, so am I grateful that I am surrounded by friends and patients that will gently and sometimes, not so gently remind of this stuff.

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