mental upgrades

I have been very busy, attending seminars to enhance my understanding of clinical nutrition and how to best assist my patients with non-invasive, low risk, non-chemical approaches to their health concerns.  As usual, the experts who are generous with their time and expertise know how to peak my interest in the information and encourage the attendees to offer more of these services.  The health of our nation depends on it! 

After working with nutritional supplements for many years, I have seen the changes they can bring about.  They are not near as dramatic as drugs and surgery, but in most cases, they can bring about changes gently, without dangerous side effects and vastly improved health status.  I really get fired up when I think of this approach, when compared to some of the other mainstream protocols and requirements.  Something as simple as a formula containing things like carrot oil and carrot root, some minerals, alfalfa and glandular extracts being a very potent anti viral treatment is a real gift.  Little or no bad effects other than the die off of viruses.  WooHoo!

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