The Importance of Fats

With all the hubbub regarding fats in the American diet, we seem to have lost our connection to common sense.  While the ‘experts’ decry all fat intake, extoll the virtues of a low-fat, no-fat diet, the health of the Americans are continuing to decline.  I am particularly concerned with the tendency to ignore the need for adequate good fats for maintenance of ALL cell membranes in the body.  Fats are also required for making hormones and hormone like substances, for absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, F and K, for absorption of minerals, for the conversion of carotene to vitamin A and for immune and nervous system function. 

“It is possible to starve for minerals that are abundant in the foods we eat because they cannot be utilized without an adequate quantity of the fat-soluble activators.”  (Weston Price, DDS, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration)

Think of all the diseases and degenerative conditions that might possibly be helped with adequate good fat intake to assist in assimilation and utilization of the nutrients that we are trying so carefully to incorporate into our diets.  Fats are required to help build and maintain bone density, to maintain the covering of the nerves all over the body, just to mention a couple.

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