OK, I was recently reminded of the importance of looking at people’s fingernails.  You can discern much about a person’s health status by the condition of their nails.  Assuming, of course that one isn’t wearing nail polish. 

For instance;  the moons of the nails (also called lunalae) can be indicative of oxygen levels over time of the blood.  Go figure!  They take up approximately 1/4 of the nail, except on the pinkie finger, which does not have one. 

Absence or reduction of the moons indicates vascular or lymph blockage.  Smaller luna may also indicate decreased hormonal status and reduced lung activity.  Oversized luna show blood pressure and other cardiovascular tendencies.  The presence of luna on the pinkie finger suggests overworked heart or high blood pressure and shoot-like spurt growing from the border of the luna suggest a thyroid imbalance.   So there you have it.  Let’s all check our fingernails and those of folks we love.

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