I have studied Standard Process and Mediherb products for several years and have used their products in my practice successfully.  I am always delighted to find a jewel of a product that isn’t necessarily one of their top sellers that seems a bit of a sleeper when in actuality is a gift.  I continue to explore the many products they have to offer and love the challenge of customizing the combinations of their many formulas to each of my patients with nutritional needs.

I have recently been taking a supplement, new to me, but not new to the market.  It is a Standard Process product called e-Poise.  It is chocked full of whole food and organ extract nutrition and I have noticed a marked improvement in memory function, my ability to focus and my energy level.  I have, not unlike many other folks my age, noticed that word and name recall is sometimes a challenge. 

I am hungry now, for more information about the other less flamboyant products in their treasure of Standard Process and Mediherb lines.  Will keep you posted.

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