I have been thinking quite a bit about how much I enjoy my work. I love it when I get to the office and the schedule is full. My fulfillment comes when my patient and I can collaborate about a plan to help them improve their health and raise the level of enjoyment in their life.

This morning I was expecially glad to work with a patient that felt she was losing her edge and the joy she is so used to experiencing. Getting to know my patients at that level and listening to their stories really helps me see what is affecting those areas of their health that I can help to influence.

It is like a big puzzle, with lots of the pieces hiding under other parts, and the goal is to connect the edge pieces in the right order so the patient can fill in the tapestry in the middle. Great stuff!

New Lessons

I have been spending lots of time on the road, helping with my parents, and have tried to use the time to learn more information that would be helpful to my patients.  So, while driving, I listen to CDs that share information about nutrition subjects.  Like, did you know that calcium is utilized in hundreds of processes in your body. 

We all are somewhat familiar with the importance of calcium in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.  In addition, it is essential in healthy soft tissues, and a fully functioning immune system.  I have been using calcium lactate with some other formulas for patients just coming down with cold/flu symptoms and it is impressive how quickly they move through the episode, compared to those who do conventional remedies.  Unfortunately, we don’t get much information regarding the importance of minerals in our diets, so I will try to share more of that in the coming weeks.


I have studied Standard Process and Mediherb products for several years and have used their products in my practice successfully.  I am always delighted to find a jewel of a product that isn’t necessarily one of their top sellers that seems a bit of a sleeper when in actuality is a gift.  I continue to explore the many products they have to offer and love the challenge of customizing the combinations of their many formulas to each of my patients with nutritional needs.

I have recently been taking a supplement, new to me, but not new to the market.  It is a Standard Process product called e-Poise.  It is chocked full of whole food and organ extract nutrition and I have noticed a marked improvement in memory function, my ability to focus and my energy level.  I have, not unlike many other folks my age, noticed that word and name recall is sometimes a challenge. 

I am hungry now, for more information about the other less flamboyant products in their treasure of Standard Process and Mediherb lines.  Will keep you posted.

mental upgrades

I have been very busy, attending seminars to enhance my understanding of clinical nutrition and how to best assist my patients with non-invasive, low risk, non-chemical approaches to their health concerns.  As usual, the experts who are generous with their time and expertise know how to peak my interest in the information and encourage the attendees to offer more of these services.  The health of our nation depends on it! 

After working with nutritional supplements for many years, I have seen the changes they can bring about.  They are not near as dramatic as drugs and surgery, but in most cases, they can bring about changes gently, without dangerous side effects and vastly improved health status.  I really get fired up when I think of this approach, when compared to some of the other mainstream protocols and requirements.  Something as simple as a formula containing things like carrot oil and carrot root, some minerals, alfalfa and glandular extracts being a very potent anti viral treatment is a real gift.  Little or no bad effects other than the die off of viruses.  WooHoo!


My patients are an endless source of information and inspiration for me. I am, in many ways, grateful to them and their willingness to allow me to be a part of their lives.

A few days ago, one of my long term patients told me about using licorice powder on the sores on his lips. He said it worked really well. How cool is that?! And fascinating, I think.

Also, just so you know, the top vertebra in your neck (C-1) can and often does effect the blood supply to the head, scalp, and brain and effects the pituitary gland, bones of the face and middle ear. Which means it could contribute to headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines, nervousness, fatigue and dizziness. Wow! What an important spinal segment!