Here’s to you, trace minerals

I recently gave a short talk to a professional group about the importance of trace minerals. I love doing these exchanges and sharing some little known info with non-healthcare professionals. They are always very attentive and ask such great questions.

I started taking the liquid trace minerals a few months ago and found that my joints ached less and I had more energy. Several of my patients are taking them, reporting some interesting changes in their health status, as well. Better sleeping reported by folks with insomnia and chronic pain, decreased pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia, better range of motion and decreased stiffness in chronically inflamed joints. What a gift!

Fortunately, these supplements are not expensive and one doesn’t require large quantities, (thus the ‘trace’ designation). Ideally, we would get these nutrients from organically grown root vegetables, since the roots are where the minerals are absorbed from the soil, but considering that most of us don’t focus on root vegetable much and we don’t all have access to organically grown foods, we most likely need to supplement. Even with the not-so-pleasant taste of the minerals, which resolves quickly, it is worth adding it to the supplement regimen. You will be better for it.

New Lessons

I have been spending lots of time on the road, helping with my parents, and have tried to use the time to learn more information that would be helpful to my patients.  So, while driving, I listen to CDs that share information about nutrition subjects.  Like, did you know that calcium is utilized in hundreds of processes in your body. 

We all are somewhat familiar with the importance of calcium in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.  In addition, it is essential in healthy soft tissues, and a fully functioning immune system.  I have been using calcium lactate with some other formulas for patients just coming down with cold/flu symptoms and it is impressive how quickly they move through the episode, compared to those who do conventional remedies.  Unfortunately, we don’t get much information regarding the importance of minerals in our diets, so I will try to share more of that in the coming weeks.